Why so ungrateful?

There’s a way for you to make things happen, to hit your body and business goals, to acquire all the things you want… and I can teach you these when you’re ready to implement….

But meanwhile there’s something else much more fundamental to success and happiness that you can do right now….


Being grateful for the beautiful functioning miraculous body we already have rather than criticising it…

Being grateful for the people that love us rather than being annoyed with the people that don’t…

Being grateful for the money, business, job, possessions we do have, rather than dwelling on what’s missing…

According to Rhonda Byrne: ‘The law of attraction says you attract what you think about into your life. It works in the same way as metal being drawn to a magnet; your gratitude is magnetic, and the more gratitude you have, the more abundance you magnetize. It is Universal law!’

And not only does it help you achieve goals… gratitude feels so much nicer than the frustration of wanting.

On our YourBodyMeansBusiness programme I teach a concept of the ‘Emotional Gym’... it’s a daily routine to feel good now no matter what your position is and it starts with gratitude.

Try practicing today and then when you’re ready join me to learn all the other strategies to achieve whatever you desire

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