Wellness & Productivity Within Your Workforce

YBMB offers individuals and businesses the unique opportunity to generate peak performance by optimising wellness first.

Since our launch in the House of Commons, we are the first and only company in the world to connect all three aspects of body, mind and business and deliver it in a simple, effective and most importantly, implementable format.



 Fuel your body for optimal energy and vitality: Macro & Micronutrients

 Build a body that gets stronger every day

 Optimise rest & recovery

 Reverse the aging of your cells & live longer

 Strength training to increase focus and life span

 Yoga to revitalise, recover & stay mobile while on the desk


✔ Understanding the mind

✔ Cultivating resilience

✔ Feeding the mind for growth

✔ Optimise neuroplasticity

✔ Prevent procrastination

✔ Win the day with your morning routine

✔ Meditate to restore, refocus, visualise and create


✔ Carve out your niche

✔ Build and publicise your brand

✔ Utilising Mentors, Coaches and Role Models

✔ Achieve promotion

✔ Cultivating trust & raving fans

✔ Develop your ‘Intrapreneurial’ self

✔ The unique GIMSFORT Model


“I’ve lost a whopping 25kg since my last birthday and 23kgs on the YBMB Programme. You guys rock!!!”
Partner Lawyer

“My story of change in mindset and standing up for myself… was published in a book in December. I wouldn’t have dared to share my story if I did not gain more and more self-confidence through the YBMB program.”
Marketing Specialist

“Hi Angela – thanks for our deep dive on Saturday – focusing on one thing I got the first draft proposal completed enough to submit and so I have a day to enjoy today!”
Technology Director