Your Body Means Business sells courses, clothing & accessories, on these Terms & Services and subject to any other terms applicable to the Product(s).

Please read these terms carefully before ordering with us. These terms tell you what you need to know about buying with us.


The definitions in this paragraph apply to these Terms and Conditions.

Business Day: a day other than a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in England when banks in the UK are open for business.

Company/We/Our/Us: Your Body Means Business Ltd registered in England & Wales, company registration number 11235172. Our main office is at 33 St. James’ Square, London, England, SW1Y 4JS.

Commencement Date: the date when we accept your order in accordance with clause.

Contract: the Online Order Page and any documents referred to in them, together with these Terms and Conditions.

Customer/You/Your: the person identified on the Online Order Page when making purchase(s) through the Company.

Product(s): the product(s) specified in the Online Order Page.

Fee: the fee payable by you for the Product(s) as set out in the Online Order Page.

Material Pack: any material supplied by Us to you as part of the Product(s).

Online Order Page: the online order page attached to these Terms and Conditions, which forms part of the Contract.

Services: the services supplied by Us as an organiser for Your purchase on the Product(s).

Terms and Conditions: the terms and conditions set out below which form part of the Contract.

2. Your Contract

The Online Order Page is an offer by You to enter into a binding Contract with Us. These Terms and Conditions shall become binding on You when We accept your order either by issuing You with written acceptance of the Order Form or, in the absence of written acceptance. We undertake the Services in accordance with your Online Order Page – If We are unable to accept Your Order, We will inform you of this in writing and not charge You for the Product(s).

 3. Commencement & Duration

This Contract shall commence on the date of acceptance by Us of Your Order in accordance with clause 2 above and shall automatically terminate at the end of the Product(s) that You have purchased on or until the Fee is paid in full (whichever is later) unless terminated in accordance with clause 8.

4. Your Right to Make Changes

If You wish to make a change to Your order please contact Us. You can contact us at support@yourbodymeansbusiness.com. We will let You know if the change is possible. If it is possible We will let You know about any changes to the Fee, the timing of the Product(s) or anything else which would be necessary as a result of Your requested change and ask You to confirm whether You wish to go ahead with the change.

5. Your Purchase

Subject to these Terms and Conditions, in consideration for Your purchased product(s), which You are entitled to will be stated on the Online Order Page (dependant on purchase).

6. Fee and Payment Terms

The Fee payable for the Products(s) (which includes VAT) will be the fee set out on the Online Order Page.

6.1 – where the Online Order Page states that payment is required in one lump sum. The Fee shall be due in full prior to Our acceptance of the Order Form; or
6.2 – Where the Online Order Page states that payment shall be made in instalments. , You must pay each instalment to Us in the amounts and on the dates specified in the Online Order Page (which in any case must be in 12 or fewer instalments and within less than 12 months from the Commencement Date.)

6.3 Payments made under this Contract must be made by the means specified in the Online Order Page.

6.4 If You do not make any payment to Us by any due date set out in the Online Order Page We may charge interest to You on the overdue amount at the rate of 4% a year above the base lending rate of Bank of England from time to time. This interest shall accrue on a daily basis from the due date until the date of actual payment of the overdue amount, whether before or after judgment. You must pay Us interest together with any overdue amount.

6.5 We may also claim for any reasonable costs incurred in recovering any outstanding debt.

 7. Intellectual Property 

7.1 All intellectual property rights developed and used in performing the Products are owned by Us.

7.2 You are strictly prohibited from recording all or any of the Product(s) including any photographic, audio or video recordings.

7.3 All intellectual property rights developed and used in the Products(s) are owned by Us. You may only use Our Product(s) material for personal and educational purposes. You may not:
a) alter any of the Product(s); or
b)copy or reproduce any part of the Material Pack; or
c)sell the Product(s) Material Pack or supply it to any third parties.

7.4 On rare occasions the Product(s) may be filmed or recorded by a third party. Purchasing your Product(s) through Us confirms Your permission to the filming and sound recording of Yourself as a member of the audience. If You have any objection, should this happen, please contact us support@yourbodymeansbusiness.com

8. Cancellation & Refunds

8.1 You may end this Contract within 14 days of the Commencement Date without any liability (“Cooling Off Period”) in writing by delivering or sending (including electronic mail) a cancellation notice in writing to Us at 33 St. James’ Square, London, England, SW1Y 4JS, or to support@yourbodymeansbusiness.com (“Cancellation Notice”).

8.2 You may only be entitled to a full refund within 14 days on a full payment purchase of Product(s).

8.3 We don’t offer refunds after 14 days following the first payment. This includes any of the Online Order Page plans.

8.4 If a refund is due from Us to You, We will process it within 30 days after the receipt of cancellation notice.

9. Limitation of Liability

We are responsible to You for foreseeable loss and damage caused by Us. If We fail to comply with our obligations under these Terms and Conditions, We are responsible for loss or damage You suffer that is a foreseeable result of Our breaking this Contract or Our failing to use reasonable care and skill, but We are not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable. Loss or damage is foreseeable if either it is obvious that it will happen or if, at the time the Contract was made, both We and You knew it might happen, for example, if You discussed it with Us during the sales process. We do not exclude or limit in any way Our liability to You where it would be unlawful to do so. This includes liability for death or personal injury caused by Our negligence or the negligence of Our employees, agents or subcontractors; for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; for breach of Your legal rights in relation to the Services including the right to receive Services which are as described and supplied with reasonable skill and care.

10 Other Important Terms

10.1 These Terms and Conditions do not create any rights or obligations enforceable by or against anyone other than Us and You who has direct rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

10.2 If a court finds part of this Contract illegal, the rest will continue in force. Each of the paragraphs of these Terms and Conditions operate separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect.

10.3 If We do not take action under this Contract then that shall not prevent Us from taking action later on.

 11. How We May Use Your Personal Information

11.1 How we may use your personal information. We will only use your personal information as set out in our Privacy Notice. You can read it here www.yourbodymeansbusiness.com/privacy-policy

 Last updated January 2021