Your Level 1 Options:

Level 1 courses are for anyone who is interested in Angela’s teachings and want to get started, but not quite sure where to begin or not ready for a full transformation just yet.

You’ll learn lots in the level 1 courses and be primed to move onto the level 2 options after a short time having experienced just a taste of what’s in store!





Reset your life in 30 days.

A complete review and reset of all aspects of life. Learn and start implementing Angela’s key transformation principles.

28 Days of Meditation with Angela

The key to everything is mindset

and that’s exactly what this course is all about

In this course you will start to rewire your brain and think differently in order to become the person you want to be.

Through a daily meditation practice with Angela you’ll set yourself up for success every day, build mental resilience, remove procrastination from your life…and even become a morning person!

 Your Level 2 Options:

You can expect a full transformation in whichever area you choose. Each course focuses on one key aspect of your life - your body, your mind or your career. The courses are all 6 weeks long and Angela gives you a full deep dive into that specific area giving you all the guidance and tools you need to fully transform each aspect of your life. Whether you feel you're a beginner or an expert looking to push through, the courses below are here take you to the next level! 

Build Your Body

6 Week Body Transformation Course

Join our famous Body Course to create the body you've always wanted with more energy than ever and start your journey to a complete YBMB Transformation

Have Your Best Year Yet!

6 Week Mindset & Lifestyle Course

Transform the way you think and find the key to achieving anything you want in life with the YBMB Mindset Course, 'Best Year Ever'

Become a Career Queen

6 Week Career Mastery Course

Cultivate the career, create the business or a combination of the two with our Career Mastery Course

Your Level 3 Options:

Level 3 is just one course

The Original Your Body Means Business

and it guarantees a full body mind and business transformation in 12 weeks. The whole course is taught LIVE by Angela so you get her bespoke advice and guidance first hand. We run this course in a group, meaning you'll also have the opportunity to network with likeminded people across the world

Your Body Means Business

12 weeks of LIVE coaching with Angela

Join our famous Live YBMB 12 week Course to create the body you've always wanted with more energy than ever and start your journey to a complete YBMB Transformation


Put your best years ahead & start your transformation journey today!