I ejected her from the programme

You have doers and you have talkers… regardless of anything else..

We receive many applications at @yourbodymeansbusiness from people who say they desperately want change. 

They are usually mid-life professionals, have the house, mortgage, car, family, business… but they’re also overweight, stressed, frustrated with their career ..and often they believe their best life is behind them…

Then they find out about our programme, see our results and take the leap to apply.

I created YourBodyMeansBusiness for people exactly like this and we welcome them in.

We give them some of the basics… we have the first coaching call and they’re introduced to the other members…

They start to implement… we keep them closely engaged with daily live workouts, WhatsApp, group coaching calls.. they make more progress than they ever dreamed possible! They’re excited! We continue the one to ones deep dives ironing out roadblocks..

In 13 weeks they get a better body and business than they dreamed possible, they write us testimonials and we’re all ecstatic ..


But we had an exception this season… someone who loved everything about the programme, said all the right things on the coaching calls, had all her questions answered repeatedly, but… never implemented. Instead she held on to all the reasons why she couldn’t… wouldn’t walk the talk… blamed everyone and everything around her…believed she knew it all (she didn’t)…

And so I ejected her from the programme. Money back. We can’t help. 

We don’t waste time with people who just talk but won’t act – we want to focus on the amazing men and women who take the advice and implement, we’re not interested in convincing anyone to do anything… 

So if you’re not prepared to do the work please don’t apply…

But if you want a better body and business than you thought possible AND are prepared to take the advice and just do it then please apply now… I even have an unexpectedly empty slot in this season 

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